Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Little idea of next penguin update (focused to merchant quality)

As you all know Google Panda was updated in February 2011 and brought up vast changes in search engine ranking.  Matt Cutts has declared that there will be another change in penguin by the end this week, the second era of penguin update. This will results in distinguished ranking bring once again improved high quality search result.

 Last Google’s last Panda refresh  which affected around 1.2 percent of English queries on January 22 was not so far, then also once again SEO people needs to change their strategy after this update.

Matt Cutts has clearly declared about their work on “the next generation of Penguin”. Penguin update made on last April affected most of the sites with link profiles and badly hit spammers. The most recent update was Penguin refresh in October.

As said by Cutts, somehow the next penguin update will bring a big change to the world of SEO mainly this will be focused to merchant’s quality. So, next few months will be pretty hard for most websites and merchants on Google.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

List of activity included in on-page

ON-Page SEO includes various activities. Most of them are listed below, if you have any suggestion then please feel free to get that added here:
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • W3C HTML validation
  • Meta tag Optimization
  • Title tag Optimization
  • Image alt tag Optimization
  • Header tag Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • HTML and XML Sitemap creation
  • Internal linking strategy
  • 404 messaging development
  • Robots.txt
  • Domain name
  • Keyword in URL
  • Remove Canonical Problem ( if it is exists)
  • Hyperlink Optimization

List of activity included in off-page

List of activity included in off-page
Off-page SEO includes various activities. Most of them are listed below, if you have any suggestion then please feel free to get that added here:
  1. Directory submission
  2. Classified Submission
  3. Social bookmarking
  4. Article Submission
  5. Press Release Submission
  6. Blog submission
  7. RSS Submission
  8. Forum posting
  9. Link Building
  10. Reciprocal linking
  11. Do Follow Blog Commenting
  12. Yahoo Answers
  13. PPT Submission
  14. Css Submission
  15. Video Submission
  16. Profile Creation
  17. Link Wheel
  18. Document Sharing
  19. Presentation Sharing
  20. Image Sharing
  21. Micro - Blogging 
  22. Business Listing
  23. Local Listing

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Again Google created barrier for all users


Again a barrier is going to create by google for users who are doing spamming. Google Guide lines are the best way to practice for new websites owner. This barrier will not only reduce the spamming but also will be benificial to the site's owner.

This Google Webmastes Guidelines are all about the use of techniques that effects badly not only to the user but also to the owner of that site on which we are doing it. All the times spamming is not done by content created on a website by the Owner. Sometimes, spamming can be created by visitors or users. The websites that allows users to creat content like (Blog comments, Forum posting etc.) bears this spamming penalty.

Example of Some examples of spammy user-generated content includes:
  1. Spammy accounts on free hosts.
  2. Spammy posts on forum threads.
  3. Comment spam on blogs.

If someone try to post like this, you will receive a warning about these type of spamming form Google.In the coming SEO future It will be very difficult to get instant blog commenting, forum posting etc. Each of our comment or post will be firslty approved by the owner of that site and than it will be live. Spammy content generated by user has polluted google results badly.


Monday, 25 February 2013

Merits and De-marits of Squidoo link building


The link building is going to end, as the Panda and Penguin is updating frequently. People are finding differents ways to do link building. Some are using free sites or on the other hand we can say that they are using web2.0 for link building. So creating link on relevant sites in bulk is becoming hard. Its better to fing out some other effective ways for link building. Squidoo is one o them. And also be found very effective.
Squidoo is the most quasi-popular content site. Although it doesn’t get the same level of buzz as Tumblr or Facebook. But still having lots of benefits which are given below:

  1. It eaisly gets millions of hits and its articles which are usually called as lense and also can rank highly in search results.
  2. Squidoo allows users to create content-rich multimedia pages on virtually at any subject.
  3. This rich- content makrs squidoo a great channel for building links. However, it is very easy to start with squidoo, anyone can make a Squidoo account and start posting content.
  4. Most benefial in increasing traffic on a webpage.
Presentation on building links to your Squidoo Lenses to improve their search engine rankings and benefits.
  1. After Penguin updation, SEO experts speculated that Squidoo was a gaggle of spammers.. In other words, Squidoo had no authority and was a quick way to get some easy links.
  2. Squidoo gives no-follow links which doesnot crawled by google.
  3. Squidoo lenses are only granted visibility on the site for a limited time. Squidoo changes a live lense into a “Work-In-Progress (WIP) lens.
  4. If there is lack of updation in squidoo lenses than it will show a WIP status and will be having lack of visitors. Though the URL will be visible to the users.
  5. WIP lense doesnot appear in squidoo search results pages. In other words, once a lens becomes WIP, all of its link value is lost.

Building a successful lens requires a combination of design aesthetic, compelling copy and an interesting theme. Keeping that great lens from becoming WIP requires fresh content and updates, plus promotion on blogs and social media to keep visitors coming.
Then again, good link building is supposed to be challenging. Squidoo or otherwise, if you create original content through a variety of channels, your link building efforts will be successful.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Technique of SEO - White and Black hat SEO

“Every coin has two faces”, same is the case with SEO, it has - Black hat and white hat SEO. One of them is good and other is bad. White hat SEO as the name suggest is pure and clean , work done in this is totally in accordance to search engine guidelines. It requires patience to get results, we cannot get ranking in a month  through white hat SEO, but once we get our website rank , it will last long and will not be affected much by search engine update (such as sometimes we hear that websites shut down after panda or penguin updates).

White hat SEO generally include creating content for users rather  than search engine . It is the ethical way of doing SEO. For example, it includes submission in directory or bookmarking site on different IPs with good Page Ranks, not a bulk submission with low quality. It is meant for quality. It cannot gives good result for poor quality  content. It includes relevant link building where on the other hand black hat SEO is just opposite of white hat SEO.

Black hat SEO includes using techniques that are just search engine friendly. No matter whether site is good for users to view or content is relevant. It focus is to just get ranking no matter how. It includes irrelevant submissions, lots of work which of course cannot be a quality work. Webmasters use their bad tricks to get ranking. Since it give quick result, as soon as the SEO work stops on the website it will again fall down. Even are very much affected by little goggle updates. Sometimes blackhat  SEO results in blocking of site on search engine.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

What is Seo

Thanks for visiting my blogs. Lets first read out this small conversation first……….

Web Page :
Hey guys ! I want to be popular in world of internet…….

Seo : Come with me I can help you.

Webpage: How?

Seo : I will get you known to various other sites, thus you will be
considered good by search engine and rank high.

Web Page : How could ranking high help me?

SEO : It will get you traffic buddy and ofcourse good traffic means popularity.For further details just go through my introduction.

Most of you must be aware of the term Seo, search Engine optimization. This blog is just to explain you out basics of Seo. It is basically made from two words;


Where, search Engine can be considered as software or program that takes a single word usually called keyword, phrase or whole sentence as input and results a list of webpages that matches according to your search and its database. Optimization means to be more relevant or particular about a thing.

Seo is technique that helps in improving ranking of your site and increases its visibility to search engines in relation to keywords. It works around a query that you enters in search Engine.

Normally to get your traditional business popular various techniques are used such as you makes your social network strong by distributing pamplets and displaying banners on street . Similar techniques are followed in online business where we place our sites urls to various other sites that are more popular than ours. Whenever search engine reaches to the site where our link is added it will also have a look to our link and our site popularity will increase. Placing a link on other sites are usually known as backlinks.

Most of online users makes use of search engine to search their queries so its necessary to enhance your site popularity in search engine so that you could get more and more traffic. Not only this, Usually users just view first page so its will be good to rank your site on first page i.e, In short we can enhance our popularity and bring it on first page of search engines by getting more and more backlins as we enhance our contacts with good business man to make our business popular. Backlinks we get should be of quality, which means they must come from good Sites.Thus seo is the technique that helps in creation of more and more backlinks to you.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Hello Everyone

Hello Friends,
This is my first post that is totally focussed on just an introduction for my further post.I am a SEO executive with an experience of over 2 years from India.From now onwards I will be regularly posting new post to help you all out in your SEO work to improve your ranking.

You all are always welcome for any suggestion and opinion to my post.Hope that you will surely support me.

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