Saturday, 24 March 2012

What is Seo

Thanks for visiting my blogs. Lets first read out this small conversation first……….

Web Page :
Hey guys ! I want to be popular in world of internet…….

Seo : Come with me I can help you.

Webpage: How?

Seo : I will get you known to various other sites, thus you will be
considered good by search engine and rank high.

Web Page : How could ranking high help me?

SEO : It will get you traffic buddy and ofcourse good traffic means popularity.For further details just go through my introduction.

Most of you must be aware of the term Seo, search Engine optimization. This blog is just to explain you out basics of Seo. It is basically made from two words;


Where, search Engine can be considered as software or program that takes a single word usually called keyword, phrase or whole sentence as input and results a list of webpages that matches according to your search and its database. Optimization means to be more relevant or particular about a thing.

Seo is technique that helps in improving ranking of your site and increases its visibility to search engines in relation to keywords. It works around a query that you enters in search Engine.

Normally to get your traditional business popular various techniques are used such as you makes your social network strong by distributing pamplets and displaying banners on street . Similar techniques are followed in online business where we place our sites urls to various other sites that are more popular than ours. Whenever search engine reaches to the site where our link is added it will also have a look to our link and our site popularity will increase. Placing a link on other sites are usually known as backlinks.

Most of online users makes use of search engine to search their queries so its necessary to enhance your site popularity in search engine so that you could get more and more traffic. Not only this, Usually users just view first page so its will be good to rank your site on first page i.e, In short we can enhance our popularity and bring it on first page of search engines by getting more and more backlins as we enhance our contacts with good business man to make our business popular. Backlinks we get should be of quality, which means they must come from good Sites.Thus seo is the technique that helps in creation of more and more backlinks to you.


shubhi said...

Nice i really like it ..
hey do u have more information plz share it with ..

Alice said...

9311111119...please call me to give more information ;)

Astha Jain said...

I want to knw abt SEO.. plz share same with me

Jhon Perker said...

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Renu Rawat said...

very nice information...

Naveen Kalra said...

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