Sunday, 3 February 2013

Technique of SEO - White and Black hat SEO

“Every coin has two faces”, same is the case with SEO, it has - Black hat and white hat SEO. One of them is good and other is bad. White hat SEO as the name suggest is pure and clean , work done in this is totally in accordance to search engine guidelines. It requires patience to get results, we cannot get ranking in a month  through white hat SEO, but once we get our website rank , it will last long and will not be affected much by search engine update (such as sometimes we hear that websites shut down after panda or penguin updates).

White hat SEO generally include creating content for users rather  than search engine . It is the ethical way of doing SEO. For example, it includes submission in directory or bookmarking site on different IPs with good Page Ranks, not a bulk submission with low quality. It is meant for quality. It cannot gives good result for poor quality  content. It includes relevant link building where on the other hand black hat SEO is just opposite of white hat SEO.

Black hat SEO includes using techniques that are just search engine friendly. No matter whether site is good for users to view or content is relevant. It focus is to just get ranking no matter how. It includes irrelevant submissions, lots of work which of course cannot be a quality work. Webmasters use their bad tricks to get ranking. Since it give quick result, as soon as the SEO work stops on the website it will again fall down. Even are very much affected by little goggle updates. Sometimes blackhat  SEO results in blocking of site on search engine.


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