Monday, 25 February 2013

Merits and De-marits of Squidoo link building


The link building is going to end, as the Panda and Penguin is updating frequently. People are finding differents ways to do link building. Some are using free sites or on the other hand we can say that they are using web2.0 for link building. So creating link on relevant sites in bulk is becoming hard. Its better to fing out some other effective ways for link building. Squidoo is one o them. And also be found very effective.
Squidoo is the most quasi-popular content site. Although it doesn’t get the same level of buzz as Tumblr or Facebook. But still having lots of benefits which are given below:

  1. It eaisly gets millions of hits and its articles which are usually called as lense and also can rank highly in search results.
  2. Squidoo allows users to create content-rich multimedia pages on virtually at any subject.
  3. This rich- content makrs squidoo a great channel for building links. However, it is very easy to start with squidoo, anyone can make a Squidoo account and start posting content.
  4. Most benefial in increasing traffic on a webpage.
Presentation on building links to your Squidoo Lenses to improve their search engine rankings and benefits.
  1. After Penguin updation, SEO experts speculated that Squidoo was a gaggle of spammers.. In other words, Squidoo had no authority and was a quick way to get some easy links.
  2. Squidoo gives no-follow links which doesnot crawled by google.
  3. Squidoo lenses are only granted visibility on the site for a limited time. Squidoo changes a live lense into a “Work-In-Progress (WIP) lens.
  4. If there is lack of updation in squidoo lenses than it will show a WIP status and will be having lack of visitors. Though the URL will be visible to the users.
  5. WIP lense doesnot appear in squidoo search results pages. In other words, once a lens becomes WIP, all of its link value is lost.

Building a successful lens requires a combination of design aesthetic, compelling copy and an interesting theme. Keeping that great lens from becoming WIP requires fresh content and updates, plus promotion on blogs and social media to keep visitors coming.
Then again, good link building is supposed to be challenging. Squidoo or otherwise, if you create original content through a variety of channels, your link building efforts will be successful.


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