SEO Interview Questions

Interviewer :  What is SEO?
Candidate : SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a technique used for increase visibility of a site. On the other hand we can also be say that it is a technique which is used by search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Interviewer :  What is Search Engine?
Candidate : Search Engine is an algorithm that takes keyword as a input and give various websites in accordance with that keyword as a output.

Interviewer :  How can be categories SEO?
Candidate : SEO can be categorised two types such as:
  •          Organic SEO.
  •          In-Organic SEO.
Interviewer :  What is Organic SEO?
Candidate :  Organic SEO is  that seo work which is totally unpaid. It includes: off-page and on page optimization.        
Interviewer  :
 What is Off page optimization?
b    Candidate  : Off page Optimization is the work that done done for the website but not on the website. Its simple aim is to increase number of backlinks.

Interviewer  :  What all activities are done in off page optimization?
Candidate  : Social Bookmarking submissions, Directory submissions, Forum Posting, Blog Creation/submissions, Blog Commenting, Article Submissions, Micro blogging, Yahoo Answering, Link Exchanging.(2way, 3way),Classified links, Press Release, Search engine and RSS Submission, Photo and Slide Sharing, Banner Exchange, Video Optimization.

Interviewer  : What  is on page optimization?
Candidate  : ON-Page Optimization is done on the website to make websites more user and search engine  friendly.

Interviewer  : What  all activities are done in on page optimization?
Candidate  : Content Optimization, Keyword Research & Analysis, Sitemap Updation and creation,
Competition Analysis, Linking structure, Creating Meta Information, URL Architecture,
HTML Coding & Validation, H1,H2  and Bold Tags, XML Sitemap, Canonical Issue check,
Robot.txt, 404 Error Optimization, Google, MSN & YAHOO Site map Authentication,

Interviewer  : Give the name of atleast 5 Search Engine?
Candidate  :  Bing, Google, yahoo, Msn, Baidu,Aol (there are many more you can search).

Interviewer  : Give the name of minimum 5 directory sites?

Candidate  :   Yahoo directory, DMOZ, Business directory, Biz directory, Wow directory (Try to give the name of directory with good page Rank ).

Interviewer  :  Give the name of minimum 5 article sites?

Candidate :,,,, are many more you can search).

Interviewer  : Give the name of minimun 5 forum sites?
Candidate  :  Digitalpoint Forum, V7n Forum, Seo Forum, Sitepoint Forum, Seo chat Forum.

Interviewer  :  Give the name of bookmarking sites?
Candidate  :  Twitter, Reddit, Digg, StubleUpon, Buzz.

Interviewer: Which is the best site for checking duplicate ip?
Candidate  : There are many but i usually use

Interviewer  : What is the difference between bookmarking and directory submission?
Candidate  : Social Bookmarking gives instant link with instant traffic while directory submission take time for approval of links and is good for creating backlinks.
Interviewer  : : What is difference among Blog, Article, and Press Release?
Candidate  : Blog- It is basically a website or webpage on which an individual or a group of users records, opinion, suggestion on a regular basis. Many blogs focus on a particular topic, such as web design, home staging, sports, or mobile technology. Blog typically includes features such as comments, links, conversations etc. to increase user interactivity.
Press Release  :
Article  : It is basically consists information about a particular topic on it. The information which summarize s that particular topic comprehensively. An article is also a text composition for newspapers, magazines or other media.

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